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Who We Are

In the 6th century DaRuMa traveled from India to China preaching Buddhism. Known as the father of Zen, DaRuMa spent the entire last nine years of his life in meditation. Famous words attributed to the man were “seven times fall down, eight times get up again.” Today in Japan, many festivals are held in celebration of the success and good luck of DaRuMa, as well they should. DaRuMa lived to be 150 years old.

Mission Statement

At DaRuMa, our mission is to enrich the lives of our guests through the entertainment of our masterful Chef’s, the superior quality of our Food, Beverages, Desserts and Service.

Our goal is to provide the kind of genuine, personal care and attention that all our guests tell stories about for years to come!

So come to DaRuMa for your next celebration, big or small, and let us treat you like family!

Daruma Highlights

Special Occasions

Let us help you celebrate that special Anniversary, Graduation, Wedding Rehearsal, Birthday or simply a job well done.


Reservations for dinner are highly recommended. Of course, you can stop by anytime to our beautiful bar, get a cozy table in our piano bar or enjoy our sushi lounge.

Give the gift of DaRuMa!

Treat your family and friends to an evening they'll remember and truly enjoy. Gift certificates can be purchased at the restaurant.

Piano Bar

Relax to live music. Come and experience the sounds of our talented piano players Wednesday  - Sunday 6.30  - 10 PM.